With the new roles & users module you will have a more structured and manageable overview at a glance. It gives you a completely new feel and it enables you to take actions much faster.

Improvements have been made in the areas of accessibility and management. You will gain insight faster, manage Q&A directly and send out helpful reminders to users who did not register yet. See below how it can help you to work more efficiently.

Select and create

Easily create a new role and select what type of users you want to add.

Three easy steps to access

A newly designed invitation process in three clear and convenient steps.
The process goes as follows:

  1. Choose the role type and create a new role
  2. Set permissions on folders and documents for the created role
  3. Invite one user or multiple users at the same time in the created role

Better overview

Have a better overview and manage roles & users specifics with just one click. Per role, permissions can be accessed and changed directly. Per user, the Q&A role and status are visible and easy to change. In addition, you can send inviation reminders directly from this screen.

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