Going back and forth in Q&A or via external tools, such as email, can be time consuming and risky. From now on, you'll experience swift and secure communication with your team via our private team chat in the Q&A module.

In the video below Kristine Boin, Head of Customer Success, will tell you everything you need to know about the Q&A chat.

Here are some advantages of using the Q&A chat

  • Chat with your team while drafting a question or answer.
  • Easily loop in experts to the discussion by mentioning them in the chat.
  • You don't need external communication tools anymore. Your team's discussion will always remain securely in the Vault.
  • View the communication history leading up to the final answer.

How it works

Have an internal discussion with team members about questions or answers in the Vault. Easily mention them in the chat. Mentioned users will receive an instant notification email with the chat message and a direct link to the chat.

Please note: messages will only be visible to users who have access to a question or answer.

"The Q&A chat helps us to save time and to work more effectively and securely, as we keep all communication within our Vaults. We're able to have an internal, private, discussion with the seller, other advisers, and colleagues about questions during the diligence process. It's really helpful to have all data organised in one place and maintain an overview of the Q&A process.”

Check out our Help Center to learn how to make use of the Q&A chat. Please let us know you have any feedback. We'd love to hear from you!

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