Last quarter our product releases were centered around one of the most significant elements in a data room: the Q&A module. Let's take a look at how these releases can add value.

This focus on Q&A has allowed us to tackle your main requests more efficiently than ever. Our previously released features concern adding a document page reference to your question, adding tags to questions and providing additional answers. In addition to this we concluded the Q&A theme with three new features: the answer approval flow, setting question limits, and setting priorities to questions.

Part I

Document page reference

When your question is about a specific part of a document, you can now add a dynamic reference to the specific page(s). Before referencing, buyers had to type out the specific pages to which their questions where about. In turn, sellers would have to look up those pages manually. Document page referencing removes all these extra steps and helps both buyers and sellers. Just a small feature that makes Q&A faster, easier and more structured!

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Adding tags in Q&A

Adding Q&A tags will help you to not lose sight of the overall picture. Structure your Q&A and improve your workflow and the workflow of your team, allowing you to get work done more quickly. This feature is designed for all users, no matter the Q&A side. Tags will only be visible within your own Q&A team.

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Providing additional answers

By being able to provide additional answers, sellers can finish an incomplete answer, rectify a wrong answer, give an answer after a preliminary announcement or give a separate answer to a two-fold question. No need to take additional steps or use alternative methods any longer. Buyers remain up-to-date and get more complete and accurate answers from sellers.

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Part II

Answer approval

Let a colleague or adviser sign off on drafted answers before they are disclosed. The answer approval feature makes it possible for Q&A Admins and Answer Drafters to approve answers before they are disclosed to the question side. This helps you to create your own answer approval flow customized to your work process without barriers. Don't need the answer approval feature? Just keep it disabled for your Vault.

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Question limits

As a Q&A Admin you are able to regulate the number of questions each buyer group can submit per day, per week or in total. Question limits allow sellers to keep the Q&A clean and force buyers to ask relevant questions only.

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Question priorities

As a Question Drafter or Question Submitter you can mark your question as high priority. Some questions might be more urgent than others. In this case, you might want that difference to be acknowledged by the seller. Questions that have been submitted with high priority may get answered more swiftly. This helps you to tackle urgent matters faster.

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Other improvements

Besides the above-mentioned features we have also made some other improvements:

  • Buyers can now import up to 500 questions (instead of 50) at once, saving you time.

  • Our document viewer now supports scrolling.

  • To make a better distinction between the different role types in your Vault, we now split sell side and buy side in newly created Vaults. This helps to set up your Vault easier.

  • For each folder, document or placeholder you are now able to provide additional information or context in a newly introduced description field.

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